International Nursery Play Learn Grow

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Ulica: Šolina 7a
Grad: Beograd
Opština: Savski venac
International Nursery Play Learn Grow
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International Nursery Belgrade (Play Learn Grow) is located on Solina 7a, in Belgrade. This small child kingdom gives children the opportunity to learn through play and grow into caring and respectable human beings.

Using our imagination, creativity and knowledge, we have created a perfectly safe environment in which young children not only play with friends but also acquire valuable knowledge. Through a child-centered approach, we give each child the opportunity to build a solid foundation in language and literacy development, as well as mathematics.

Our English Nursery Belgrade inspires children to express and develop their artistic and musical skills and talents. In addition, “Play Learn Grow” Nursery Belgrade uses a United States Early Childhood Education curriculum, for fun learning in the English language.

Through various activities, we try to encourage all children to actively participate, so that we can help them reach their full potential. Through numerous academic and thematic aspects, our Kindergarten Belgrade fosters cognitive development of each child.

“Play Learn Grow” International Kindergarten Belgrade strives to contribute to the education of young children, their physical and socio-emotional development. Carefully planned curriculum carried out by our qualified staff, makes it easier for children to fully develop in all these areas. Children learn best through play thus our approach is based on high quality play.

“Play Learn Grow” International Preschool Belgrade is especially recommended for diplomats, because their children are in high-quality environment. This nursery for foreigners often offers extracurricular activities such as sports, gymnastics, yoga, etc.

In our Preschool Belgrade, children have breakfast at 9:30am, lunch at 12:30pm, and afternoon snack at 3pm. All food is organic and well-balanced. After lunch, children have resting time when they can also play quiet games and read books without disrupting others.

Based on characteristics of children at various ages, we have based our program on children’s needs and differences in order to provide a good climate for them to express themselves and grow. We believe that it’s in every parent’s best interest that their child get attention and care at the highest level. That exactly is what we strive to accomplish.

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